Radhanagar Fort:

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Radhanagar was an ancient royal city. A well-designed city, Radhanagar held mud rampart same as other ancient cities in India including Ujjain, Kosambhi and Sisupalgarh. Ashoka’s Dhauli Rock Edict says that Kalinga’s royal headquarters during Asokan period was ‘Tosali’. According to the recent Radhanager excavation, numerous inscriptions and other corroborative evidences signify Radhanagar as the capital city of ‘Tosali’. The recent excavation has unearthed the remains of the Radhanagar Fort.

The black-slipped inscribed pot sherds have also been unearthed. The pot sherds inscriptions, datable 3rd century & 2nd century BC, read as ‘Tosali Nagara’ and ‘Tosali Nagar’, ‘Kalinga Ranga Go’, ‘Kanakamuni’ and Nagaro.

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